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artist residence

Part of the unique vibrancy of our peaceful hotel is the art that has been created specifically for the space. Each of our 14 guest rooms features a unique energy painting by the artist, Ambrosius Udael featured here you can read the artist profile below. 

Ambrosius Udael

Ambrosius Udael’s paintings are paintings of the moment. Every moment shared in the present. A cosmic mirror. Every paint stroke, every movement with the brush, every pause, every space of stillness, is an energetic reflection of the here and now. To paint as pure of magic one can receive and give back to creation one self. A way to honor and share in that divine grace and love, with and together in peace and harmony, within and with out. A painting from the teeny space of the heart, the sacred space of the heart.

A channeling of all life. A bridge between the earth and the cosmos. A bridge between the external and internal. A bridge between the visible and invisible. Connections on a deep cellular level to transmit a sacred communication that only can be heard, seen and felt by the heart. To remember the observer within the body. To restore the remembrance of the soul, and the unity of all life forgotten. Now Remembered in divine, cosmic grace and love.

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